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English To Chinese Translation Service

China is one of the major players in the global market. In almost any products or services you can find the tag “Made in China.” Due to the boom in the Chinese economy, they have a strong buying and purchasing power, they hold the key to the dividends of tomorrow.   To tap the market you have to hire a Chinese translation services provider that will change your business language to a dialect that will be understood by your Chinese audience. This will enhance your global presence that will create avenues for your business in the Chinese market.   Translating the Chinese language is not simple since it has many native dialects and takes on many forms, a reason why you have to pair with a professional Chinese translation services company.

Take control now by partnering with, an ISO certified company that has a broad understanding of the Chinese translation services. Our network of more than 1,000 translators has native speakers that will provide an English to Chinese translation service with high accuracy. The message in your document will be clearly understood by your Chinese counterpart.

A combination of our modern technology and excellent English to Chinese translation service team allows us to complete a project with a quick turnaround and maintain our translation rate at a low $25 per page.   Ordering is fast and easy with our three simple steps. Upload your file to our secure server, pay online, and receive your translated document by email. You will receive a free quote together with all important details of your project.


✓ Pricing at $25/page
✓ Supports all file formats

Certified Chinese Translation

We have worked with individuals and businesses who needed certified Chinese translation in the fields of education, legal, finance, government agencies, insurance, media…and more.   Our certified Chinese translation documents consist of three parts, the source text, translated text, and our certificate. The certificate is a statement signed by our translator or representative proving that the target text is an accurate and a complete translation of the source text.

We deploy strict security guidelines to protect our client’s information that includes 128-bit SSL encryption on all files, a non-disclosure agreement signed by our staff, all files of completed projects are automatically deleted, and payment information are not stored.   In a tight deadline? Impress your clients and colleagues with our rush and super rush services.

We are a Chinese translation services company that never sleep, our 24/7 live customer support will be there to answer any of your phone or online chat inquiries. Our friendly agents are trained in customer care handling to provide our clients with a pleasant experience and accurate answers.   A testament to our world-class Chinese translation services is our more than 60,000 happy customers, join the bandwagon and be counted as one.


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