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Legal Document Translation

It is easy to understand a document when it is translated to a language that you are familiar with. The thing is, this does not hold true with a legal document translation which is extremely difficult to be understood by a layman. A document translation services provider should arrange a word for word conversion for the recipient to have a correct interpretation of the document at hand.   Terms in the legal language are not easily understood like certiorari, adjudication, capias mittimus, prejudice, habeas corpus…and more. A legal document translation services provider should leave no margin for error. Clients need information in their own language, it is vital that the message from the source text is maintained at all times.  

Translationexperts will provide a legal document translation that will help you understand legal terminologies to make it possible for you to get the meaning of the words and comprehend the gist of the document. Like a friend, we will never allow you to miss out on anything using our document translation services.   Our legal document translation team have a full understanding of the field and will provide a 98% accuracy on the completed project with a quick turnaround. They are native speakers and can convert this into more than 100 global languages.

We consider the safety of our client’s information to be very important, we ensure that safeguards are in place when we work on a project. All files are encrypted with a 128-bit SSL for protection against hackers, our staff is bound by a non-disclosure agreement to avoid any leaking of information, and the data on a project is deleted once it is completed.   


✓ Pricing at $25/page
✓ Supports all file formats

Official Document Translation

We provide official document translation from any source language into nearly any target language. Our international team providing document translation services that can assist organizations and individuals in any field like insurance, business, media, legal, advertising, banking, academic, and finance.

We are an ISO-approved document translation services company with a wealth of experience working with global companies. We work meticulously in all of our translations, we consider the minute details to ensure that you receive an exact replica of the message in the source text, which is crucial when preparing an official document translation.   Ordering is easy and takes only three simple steps to file one. Upload your file to our secure server, pay online, and receive your flawless document in your email.

We are a company that never sleeps and our friendly agents will be there to answers any of your inquiries. Get a free quote and all important details of your project.   Be sure to meet your tight deadlines with our rush and super rush services. We do not compromise quality for our budget-friendly rate of $25 per page.   Join our more than 60,000 satisfied customers and experience Translationexperts’s customer friendly approach and world class service.


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