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Refund Policy

1. Refund policy can only be invoked if you return the dispatched files no later than 15 days after receiving them.
2. If the transcribed documents are re-routed to us later than 15 days because of unsatisfactory quality, a 30% charge for proofreading and 50% for rehearsing your work is levied.
3. Refund policy exceptionally covers files in group A or Excellent and B or Good audio recordings.
4. We pore over and proofread your document to ascertain the quality issues before signaling a go-ahead for the refund request.
5. The request exclusively sails through if the add-ons such as proofreading and review fail to hit the quality mark. A revised copy should be re-sent.
6. Refund policy does not cover certain files such as Difficult recordings/handwritten manuscripts or Rush order classification.
7. We do not pre-guaranteeHigh or better accuracy if the files were under Rush and Difficult recordings kind.

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